Welcome to Blackbook, a Social Media platform for artists. Our goal here is not only to make a private network for artists to connect with one another, but also to create a little black book(see where the name came from) of creatives that someone looking to hire a creative could look through and quickly find a artist that meets there needs.

We have implemented new features into our site, you can now create a profile, discuss/post in our forums, and join/create groups.

There is a Members area where you can see other artists and choose to follow one another. You can add each other as friends as well as private message each other.

Getting Started is Easy!

  • Hover over the “Blackbook” to open up the drop down menu, then click “Register.
  • Simply put in your Email Address, desired Username and Password.
  • You will be taken to your new profile page in which you can begin editing by clicking the gears icon.
  • You can switch your account type from subscriber, to which every type of creative you are.
  • You can also head to Groups and join your creative’s group.
  • Head to the forums and enter the “Introductions” topic to introduce yourself as well as check out the other topics we have to offer.

If you need help, feel free to email us at:

We hope you all partake in out private network, we have had these features planned since day one, and now being able to finally implement them is a major milestone for us. We believe a private network filled with creatives such as this could be nothing but amazingly beneficial for everyone involved.