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Walking in the Clouds

How to Make a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

TutorialType : Photoshop Tutorial

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Hello, this time we will learn about how to make a photo manipulation fantasy again using adobe photoshop. You can download the materials that we use in the tutorial above on the link below. photo manipulation using patchwork technique as usual, on the clouds we will make little impact in order to effect a more fantasy feel. above the clouds we add people running complete with tanks on the bridge to a castle or castle above the clouds. for pictures of people running, usually called photo manipulation alone boy. in this tutorial we are going to compile a photo manipulation alone boy and also a fantasy photo manipulation. our own sky to give a touch of spotting a star or galaxy in order to photo manipulation this time more fun.

In the tutorial creating a fantasy photo as above, we wear a graphic processing application photoshop cc. for some reason, maybe you will not get the features we use if you still use an older version of adobe photoshop. the latest version of Photoshop allows us to further explore the skil and the ability of our graphic design. as the tutorial above, many features to make the photo manipulation or graphic design we are getting real.

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