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Acrylic dirty pour using the flipcup and push method over a white base coat. I used my D.I.Y Pouring medium recipe which is is below. More instructions below.

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My basic DIY pouring medium is: Use “Elmer’s Glue All”. Thinned with water according to the type of paints you are using to make a good Pouring consistency. It should come off of your stir stick in a steady stream. Then use. 1 part paint to 3 parts Pouring medium. If you still need to, thin with more water to a good pouring consistency. Add silicone according the size of your cups. Stir the silicone a little for BIG cells. Stir a lot for small cells. I use a butane torch not propane. Drying: Leave room under as well as on top while your painting dries. This will help avoid crazing and cracking. If your paint is too thick it may craze. Crazing looks like grooves. Thin paint will crack. Cracks look like dried mud. Clean silicone off the top of the painting with 90% alcohol then wipe down with soap on a cloth. And rinse with water on a cloth. Acrylic paintings don’t need to be varnished.

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