FEATURED ARTIST: Interview with Toronto Artist, Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton

Photographer | 32 | Toronto, Canada

@ryanbolton | www.ryan-bolton.com
We are honored to have, Ryan Bolton, as our Featured Artist, he is an incredible photographer that has truly mastered the skill of capturing the moment, head over to his wall to see his breath taking shots. Make sure to hit that follow button to support a fellow artist!

How long have you been an artist? What is your specialty? Where do u find inspiration?
I’ve been photographing my whole life. Professionally photographing for the past five years. I’m also a published writer.

Do you have a job in the art industry? If So, what’s one thing you don’t like about it? If no, where would your dream job be?
I’ve worked for Me to We as their creative director for years. Following that I joined a creative agency as a director. But I’m finally living my dream job as a travel photographer. I’m literally paid to travel the world. (I’m currently writing from the Maasai Mara of Kenya).

Do you have a favorite Artist?
Favourite artist? Tough one. My favourite photographer is Harry Benson.

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What is one accomplishment you’ve had in your life? Does not need to be art related.
To have my name on a book was a big accomplishment. To have my work hang in galleries is another. To be able to photograph as a living is my biggest achievement

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
I hope to continue to be travling and photographing around the world. Telling stories. Telling stories that need to be told; that have been ignored. Showing the beauty of the world. Would love to do that with National Geographic is a dream.

If you could meet and talk to any person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Anthony Bourdain. 100%.

How is one way you make money with your art?
People pay me to take photos. That simple.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I’ve been all over Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, America. I was recently in Iceland, and I think the next place I dream about is Antarctica. Japan, too. That’s on the list for later this year.

What is your favorite brand of art supply? Whether it’s a brand of pencils or brand of camera or software
I’m a pure Canon guy. My mom taught me how to use a Canon AE-1 SLR when I was a kid. Haven’t looked back. Currently using a Canon 5D Mark III with Canon + Sigma glass.

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Any advice for young artists?
Persist. Don’t stop. Fuck the haters. Hustle your ass off. Honestly, it takes a level of obsession to really push yourself. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. Keep going.

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