How To Edit & Shoot Like Sam Kolder 2018

How To Edit & Shoot Like Sam Kolder 2018

TutorialType : Lightroom Tutorial

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FREE Sam Kolder Style Presets: https://instapresets.com/samkolderlig&#8230; Free Lightroom Presets: https://instapresets.com/freelightroo&#8230; Sam Kolder Instagram: @sam_kolder Sam Kolder Lightroom Editing Tutorial 2018 In this video, I show you how to edit like Sam Kolder in Lightroom and share a Free Sam Kolder Preset with you. This 2018 Sam Kolder Tutorial will show you how to Color grade in Lightroom to achieve photos that look similar to Sam Kolder. For this Lightroom tutorial, you will need Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher. Ok so lets start off by first talking a little abotu sam kolder and to me he has one of the coolest styles over on instagram. If you guys dont know, Sam Kolder is a travel and lifestyle instagrammer and youtuber and he often posts very cool photos and videos from around the world. If you havent seen Sam Kolder’s youtube channel i highly recommend it as its got some great footage over there. If we take a look at Sam Kolder’s instagram page, you’ll definitely notice an overreaching emphasis on travel photos. From photos in africa to jumping out of planes theres travel is definitely the main theme with Sam Kolder’s photos and i think its really quite inspirational as well. Most photos are pretty adventure focused although nearly all do seem to be staged in comparison to being taken in the moment. Althoguh some are pretty and would be hard to stage such as this one with a whale right here, that to me is a great shot. Most of Sam Kolder’s photos are taken in warmer weather, which does go with Sam Kolder’s main theme, although you will notice that some photos are taken during the colder months. One important tip is to be shooting at the right time of day, as you’ll notice that most of these photos are shot at either early morning or at sunset. This is commonly could golden hour and it gives you that great warm, ideal look. So in terms of focal lengths, most shots are taken with wide angle lenses. In fact nearly all are and this gives a really dynamic look to hsi photos, especially the ones on roof tops. Most shots use a deep depth of field, which means you’ll be wanting to shoot at a f-stop of around f8 or higher to get everything in focus. Lets now talk about colours and to me there are two main colours used by Kolder which are teals and oranges. This is actually something hes really almost made famous for himself and you’ll see in a lot photos that these two colours are really emphasized. A lot of Sam Kolder’s photos will have something blue such as water or the sky in it, and also something on the orange side such as lights or sunsets as well.

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