Cinematic Slow Zoom Preset

Cinematic Slow Zoom Preset

TutorialType : Premiere Tutorial

youtube : chungdha <– Make sure to show some Support by Subscribing!
I am showing you how to use my Cinematic Slow Zoom Preset, which add a slow zoom in or out effect like a Ken Burn effect, even though its easy to manually keyframe such an effect. I have made a large preset list so it’s faster to work with and quick to add to a clip without needing to keyframe the zoom animation effect yourself, especially with a long edit with many clips you want to add such an effect would take a lot more time to keyframe them.

Written by artistconnectcc

Artist Connect is a platform for artist to discover, share, and connect with one another. Our number one priority here is the artist, we want to offer exposure and help people find your art that otherwise may not have, but not only that, we want to help people get to know the artist behind the art. We have always loved hearing from artists and getting to know them, and our audience has responded very positively to the interviews, they love them just as much as we do!

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