FEATURED ARTIST: Interview with Artists, Francisco Abril and Nuria Velasco a.k.a Welder Wings

Welder Wings

Digital Artist | 35 | Spain

We are honored to have, Welder Wings, a.k.a Francisco Abril and Nuria Velasco, as our Featured Artists, they create some truly unique and really cool digital collages. Make sure to head over to their Instagram wall to check all their work out, and while your there make sure to hit that follow button to support some fellow artists!

How long have you been an artist? What is your specialty? Where do u find inspiration?
We started less than a year ago. We make digital collage. We are passionate about art in any of its facets and what we really like is to mix everything that pleases us into a new artwork.

Do you have a job in the art industry? If So, what’s one thing you don’t like about it? If no, where would your dream job be?
We do not work at all in the art industry. We have just started and we are happy for the good reception our art works are having. Our dream job would be to can live off our art. Being able to express our creativity and also living from it would be a dream.

Do you have a favorite Artist?
We admire many artists and it would really be unfair to stay with only one or two of them. Regarding collage art Julia Lillard, Julien Pacaud, Frank Moth, Eduardo Recife … And so many others that are irreplaceable.


What is one accomplishment you’ve had in your life? Does not need to be art related.
We are a couple and we are parents of a beautiful girl: that is our greatest achievement.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
We see ourselves leading a quiet life and try not to continue growing as artists.

If you could meet and talk to any person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Just one? Impossible! Picasso, Dalí, García Lorca, Poe, Lovecraft..

How is one way you make money with your art?
Currently we have not won anything with our art. We are happy because people do get in touch with us asking for prints of our work. Soon we will begin to market them.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Fortunately we have traveled a lot around the world but Europe is our weakness. Maybe Finland, Denmark, Sweden…

What is your favorite brand of art supply? Whether it’s a brand of pencils or brand of camera or software
We are starting and we only work in digital. We have tried several software but at the moment Adobe Photoshop is the one that fixes us the most problems.

Any advice for young artists?
Feel free to create and show your art. Do not worry about anything else.


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