ARTICLE: Our 150th (and Youngest) Feature Yet, Reminds Us Why we Do this

Not that we forgot!

Today marks our 150th Artist Feature, a nice milestone for us, we have come a long way since feature 1, we have learned many things and our community has grown a huge amount in such a short time, something we want to thank each and every one of you for. This will only continue in the future with our expansion plans! The next one comes in about 50 days so stay tuned!

We not only are writing this post to celebrate our 150th feature, but to share some things about that feature that inspired us all greatly here!

Todays feature was, Vicky, A 13 YEAR OLD ARTIST, who is extremely talented, it was a nice reminder for us that Art and Talent have no age limits! The other incredible part about this, is just how incredibly humble/modest Vicky is, which was a big motivator for us to write this! She labels herself as an amateur artist, which may be due to the fact that she’s too young for a job yet, but she is producing a level of quality that rivals a great deal of “professional artists” so in our mind she is a true professional, whether she has a job or not!

She could no doubt be taking on free lance jobs, so we asked her: “What is one way you make money with your art?”

She Replied: “Currently I’m not looking to sell any of my art because they’re just not up to the standards I’d like them to be. I do get requests for commissions but I’m just too cautious to accept them most of the time.”

Would you look at that! She has an awesome mindset, she’s worried about providing the best quality she can, and while its important to always strive for personal growth and to be a perfectionist, its important to realize your skill level, and we know its easy to be your worst critic. So we wanted to make sure and let Vicky know just how awesome her skills are!

In another answer to her interview, she writes: “I’m still too young for a job, I’m not even sure what I want to be yet to be honest. I’m quite afraid that I won’t be able to make it into the art industry.”

That almost broke our heart, Vicky, we want you to stop that way of thinking right now, if some of us here at Artist Connect can make it in this industry, than you will not have a problem! Don’t be afraid, be Excited for the possibilities and the doors you will open with your amazing talents!

You really inspired us all here today Vicky, never stop sharing your talent and striving for personal growth, we’re gonna keep an eye on you, we’re sure you’ll be a famous artist some day if you keep at it.

Hearing the stories of artists from all around the world are why we do this. Its what keeps us connected. This has been such a powerful movement, we’re just getting started.

Much Love
-Artist Connect Community

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