50 Days, 50 Artists, THANK-YOU!

We’ve Hit 50 Artists!

We wanted to take the time to say a few things that we think are important. For one, we want to thank all of the Artists that we Interviewed, it is so fun learning about different artists from all over the world, and we know our audience loves the interviews as well!

There’s so many interesting things we have learned and noticed, one thing is perspective, We notice a lot of people don’t consider themselves an artist, or don’t consider Design to be art, or some artists feel as if art is organized while others see art as a no rules anything goes type of thing. So intriguing to see how each and every artist approaches and sees their craft in a different way than others, that’s what we love about art, its subjective and relative, everything means something different to everyone.

We are so grateful for our fresh new community that we will continue to grow through the years with the help of all of you, we have already seen insane amounts of traffic and followers since the launch of our new blog. We’re not going anywhere but up, but we want to say how grateful we are to the first 50 artists that helped us out with interviews, once we really start to get big we will re-Feature The First 50 Artists that helped us get our start.

Thank-you, the amount of support we have gained in the first 50 days of launching our new blog is so inspiring!!!

Have a good day!

-Artist Connect Team

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