FEATURED ARTIST: Interview with Moscow Artist, Denis a.k.a @pills_for_skills


Surreal Artist | 24 | Moscow, Russia

@pills_for_skills | society6.com/pills_for_skills
We are honored to have, Denis a.k.a @pills_for_skills, as our Featured Artist, he is an amazing artist that creates very unique pieces that we are obsessed with, such an extraordinary artist, make sure to check out his wall for all his amazing works, and while your there make sure to hit that follow button to help support a fellow artist of our community!

Hello, i am a digital collage artist from Moscow, Russia. I am 24 years old, my real name is Denis and instagram name is @pills_for_skills. I love to create collages or funky images in Photoshop for 1 year, but i had started to explore photoshop since 2012.

In search of inspiration, i am looking through thousands of photos and pictures. As I see it these days, where we’re all constantly inundated with images, there is a common tendency, where even the most beautiful photographs with a variety of dialed parameters (exposure, composition, color correction, etc.) do not attract the proper attention, therefore it is necessary to invent something original, funky, and sometimes absurd things, which will make people look at the art of photography in a new way. When i am working i often does not have a clear development plan, rather i think it will generally come to me by itself. In order to create different art (collages, surreal, etc.), certain skills are needed.

I haven’t got a job in art industry yet, but i hope that it will got it soon. In general, for me art is hobby now. My real career is biotechnologist and i love to help people by making DNA tests, but i want to have a job related with art/visuals/digital etc. The best work for me is to create the links between brands and visual art, and i prefer a brand of camera and software. I can not look so far into the future, I hope I will also improve my creative abilities for years.

I want say that the greatest thing for me and i hope for other digital artists is creating of Adobe CC, so i wish to meet the creature of Adobe Systems in California and thanks John Edward Warnock and Charles Geschke for these great products. I have been fond of photoshop for a long time, tried to create a new art within every 2-3 days or more often if i can manage.

At the same time, i see my skills also increase. But the most important thing of all is the inspiration that i get by searching through pictures on stock photos sites and of course scrolling my instagram feed to have so much great ideas inspired by other artists. My favourite artist is @slimesunday , which inspires me the most.

I have an account on Society6, where i am selling some products with my arts, also i have some personal orders. The main advice to new creators is: never stop exploring & creating!

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