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we are happy to announce


Its been a long time since we have posted on here, after launching BlackBook things quickly took a turn for the worse, and then we went on break, and the corona virus happened.

But it makes us very very happy to be writing to you all again, to tell you that we are starting back up again, we will be working in the background to make the fixes needed to blackbook, the main issue right now is spam.. we will work it out though and it BlackBook will become what we wanted it to be in the first place, a great resource.

While we work on BlackBook in the BG in the foreground we will have what we always have had, featured artists, tutorials, inspiration, and articles, along with the shop and partner programs.

Give us a few days maybe a few weeks, to get everything back up and running properly again, we are going to have a lot of work to do around here. Right now we are cleaning up our email inbox, its a mess. While we do that are looking to see if anyone had sent in a completed interview but had not been featured yet due to our leave of absence. If that is the case for any artist out there, please get in contact with us and we shall fix this.

We will be revamping the shop and connections page, well hell you can probably expect a revamp on almost everything, looks like we have some mistakes to fix on the outdated templates for features.

Stick with us! We are back to further the mission and goal of connecting artists.

stay tuned!

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