FEATURED ARTIST: Interview With Los Angeles Artist, Tim Beul

We are excited to Feature Tim Buel, a Los Angeles based artist under the alias, A Space Monkey. He makes amazing Photo Manipulations and awesome glitch art. He is also a musician and filmmaker, a jack of all trades! Make sure to follow all his social channels so you don’t miss a thing from this creative artist.

Find Tim: Instagram – @a.space.monkeySoicety6.com/aspacemonkey

How old are you?
I am 29 years old.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised outside of Los Angeles, California and currently reside in Los Angeles.

How long have you been an artist? What is your specialty?
I have been creating art as A Space Monkey for a little over a year this month yet I also am a musician and filmmaker. My art speciality is predominantly photo manipulation and glitch art.

Where do u find inspiration?
I find immense inspiration in Nature and Music. I am lucky enough to be able to drive to the Pacific Ocean in under 45 minutes and find myself constantly soaking in different inspirations. As a musician, I am always inspired by the amazing work that others put out and am always listening to a multitude of genres.

Do you have a job in the art industry? If So, what’s one thing you don’t like about it? If no, where would your dream job be? 
My only job I currently have as an artist is freelance artwork and video production. If there’s one thing I don’t love about it, it’s the inconsistency that freelance often carries with it. There are times where work is plentiful and then some where there is none at all. My dream job would be to be able to support myself making my art for bands/artists and continuing in the fields of music and film.

Do you have a favorite Artist?
I am inspired by so many artists yet a few that come to mind are Jacob Bannon, Aaron Turner, Alex Pardee and a few great Instagram artists like @Stuz0r, @willtoulan, @hoodass, @fvckrender, @beeple_crap and so many more.

What is one accomplishment you’ve had in your life? Does not need to be art related.
I made a independent horror film called In Residence with my friend Cody Rhyse that we financed solely from a $5k Kickstarter Budget. I co-wrote the screenplay, directed/shot/cut/scored the film. The runtime is just over an hour long and is available for free on Youtube.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
I see myself hopefully being fairly successful in the field of art as well as music as I am currently finishing multiple music projects that I have very high hopes for. I don’t plan on ever retiring from art in general so hopefully in 20 years or so I am still working hard!

If you could meet and talk to any person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
That’s definitely a tough questions as there are so many people that inspire me yet I would still love to sit down and have dinner with filmmakers Peter Jackson or Guillermo Del Toro. I find them to be incredibly inspiring creators and we have insanely similar interests in both film and art in general. I also would love to meet and collaborate with some of my favorite musicians like Dustin Kensrue of Thrice or Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter.

How is one way you make money with your art?
I currently make money by creating album artwork for bands and artists that I predominantly meet through Instagram. I would love to expand my business to other fields yet I absolutely LOVE getting to be a part of the creative process of bringing an album to life through the artwork. I have been honored to work with some wonderful groups and artists such as Silver Snakes (CA), Convex (AUS), Headspace (TN) and more.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I have yet to leave the US on any international travel so my list is insanely long but I absolutely would love to visit both Australia and New Zealand at some point in the near future.

What is your favorite brand of art supply? Whether it’s a brand of pencils or brand of camera or software
I create about 95% of all my artwork on my iPhone. There are so many wonderful applications that are available these days and I am constantly finding less of a need to use Photoshop when I can create whole finished pieces completely on my iOS devices. A few of my favorite apps for art creation are Glitche, Union, Circular, LensLight, Snapseed and Mextures. I can’t work without almost all of them!

Any advice for young artists?
I think one day last year I just started playing around on my phone with some design apps and I didn’t stop. I think that’s the biggest advice I could give is just follow your intuition and create what you see in your mind’s eye to the best of your ability. You must also look everywhere for inspirations. You will find it even when you aren’t expecting it.



Thank you Tim!!

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